Legal Help For Small Businesses

Grow Your Business and Protect Your Hard Work

In our fast paced, internet influenced world, “one size fits all” legal advice and boilerplate documents have become the norm.  Like all tools, legal advice and the documents that grow from that advice only work for you if they are well made, appropriate to the task and used properly.  Solutions that seem inexpensive can cost you, your business and your family precious resources and needless worry.  Make sure you get advice appropriate for you.

Areas of Practice:

Why Choose Julia?

Like you, Julia made the choice to be an entrepreneur. . .

…and she has never looked back. Julia enjoys both the challenges and the freedom associated with running her own business. She understands that legal advice must not only be clear and easily understood but also practical. As a specialist in advising start-ups and small, closely held companies, Julia’s call is to put her clients at ease by empowering them with the information and the tools they need to run their businesses.

Julia started advising small, closely held companies in 1995. A lot has changed in the world of business since then, and Julia has assisted literally hundreds of businesses in navigating those changes over time. She has supported multiple companies through their formative process and into sustainable success, providing them with general counsel advice when needed and also helping to find specialists when appropriate. Many of those same clients have since worked with Julia to sell their businesses or develop strategic plans to transition company ownership to employees or family members. In her view, there is nothing more satisfying in legal practice than helping entrepreneurs to succeed in creating their dream business, product or service.

The Case For Small

You know what you’re getting.

Julia’s firm is intentionally small, and she has chosen again and again to maintain that small practice rather than expanding or becoming part of a larger firm.  It’s the way she likes to work and the way she can pass on the best value to her clients with personal service and low overhead.

  • Personal Attention

  • A lawyer who knows you and the specifics of your business

  • A lawyer who understands the importance of containing cost

  • Accessibility

  • A lawyer who knows what it means to run a small company

  • A lawyer who, like you, is an entrepreneur


“Julia is informed, competent and does what she says she’ll do. She’s written an operating agreement for my business, revised my employee handbook, reviewed contracts, and constructed waivers. Through every project, she’s kept me informed and educated about what she’s doing and why, and her professionalism throughout has given me full confidence in her. And most impressive of all, is she does it all with heart. I highly recommend her.”

Lilly Wallace, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? - Boulder

“Julia Knearl Esq. has been an amazing sounding board and support for legal issues that arise in our medical practice. She has been able to provide solid and clear recommendations in novel situations, has handled contractual issues with great care and has made it all so much less challenging than legal issues can be.  I appreciate her knowledge and expertise with the law and also her ability to address the emotional angle of legal issues which has been at times as important as knowing how to move forward legally. Julia is a gift to have in your corner.”

Mary F Shackelton, MPH, ND, Holistica Integrative Care

“Frustrated after weeks of the process of ‘interviewing’ potential attorneys on ‘their schedule’ I decided to simply ask for advice.  Reddit quickly returned Julia Knearl as a good small business lawyer, and I’ve never looked back.

Quick and precise, she’s the best I could ask for, without the overhead of a typical ‘Boulder’ Attorney.  She respected my wishes to pay on my schedule, and has not nickle’d and dime’d me on every e-mail.…I almost look forward to legal troubles!”

Pete Shattuck, Third, LLC

“Julia Knearl has been my personal and professional lawyer for the past 20 years. Julia is wicked smart and incredibly proficient as an attorney. What makes her really special is that she combines her supreme intellect, legal acumen, heart-centered approach, and sensible worldview.

Julia worked with me in the very early days of my start-up which was run from the garage of my home. My business ventures have expanded extensively over the past 20 years and she has been with me every step of the way. She helped me in the early days and she is still helping me today, both as business advisor and legal counsel. My business centers around people and Julia understands what we do and the way that we do it. When we have difficult situations arise she is quick to point out a third way of solving a problem.

One of the great things about working with Julia is that I’ve had far fewer legal issues in the last 20 years because I sought her proactive guidance in the way I’ve established and set up my affairs. I cannot recommend her enough as legal counsel and consider myself extremely fortunate to work together ”

Danny Conroy, AIM House, LLC

“Flight Trak has been a client of Julia’s for about 15 years and we couldn’t be more pleased with the service and advice.  For contract revisions and wending our way through corporate legal issues , Julia’s work and advice has always been timely and spot on legally.  Always pleasant, Julia is considered a good friend as well as a significant asset for Flight Trak.”

Steven Kibler, Vice President, Flight Trak, Inc.

“Julia has been a key part of our company, cradl, from day 1. Her professionalism and business acumen are unrivaled. I consistently have found Julia to be both thoughtful and thorough answering any of the many questions I have asked and with the work she has done for us. What I most appreciate about Julia is that she is one of my favorite ‘minds’ and always a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Elizabeth Dining, Cradl