• General Counsel

    Small, closely held businesses need ongoing legal advice from counsel familiar with the unique qualities of those businesses. What they do not need is the cost of full-time in house or outside counsel. Julia provides general counsel advising on an as needed basis for small businesses. By becoming familiar with each client’s structure, products, services, employees and other important aspects of their businesses, Julia is able to provide each small business client with ongoing tailored advice about employment law basics, entity maintenance, policies and practices, risk management, and dispute resolution. Julia also acts as a general legal resource for her clients, with two paralegals available to assist clients in research and document preparation along with a network of legal practitioners specializing in various areas including, but not limited to, securities law, trust law, and employment litigation law. The Law Offices of Julia M. Knearl provides clients highly specialized advice when they need it and identifies areas of special need, providing referrals to meet those needs.

  • Startup Advising

    To date, Julia has assisted in the formation of literally hundreds of small, closely held businesses. Her clients are the “up and comers” of local business; bright, early stage entrepreneurs with vision and energy seeking experienced counsel to help establish and grow their businesses. Julia assists all her clients in determining whether their business is best suited to being a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company, a corporation or a partnership of some kind. Once a form is selected, Julia will file or assist you in filing documents with the appropriate governmental agencies and then will draft the other necessary internal documents to make your business a going concern with a fully formed liability veil. As a part of this process, Julia will also teach you how to maintain your entity and protect your investment so that you can be as successful as possible in securing and growing your business.

  • Business Succession & Estate Planning

    Being in business is about doing deals. Whether your small business needs to outsource functions by hiring contractors or whether you want to enter into a venture with another person or entity, the Law Offices of Julia M. Knearl will make the process clear and easy. Julia will assist in asking the important questions and getting clear and concise answers. Having successfully negotiated the sale or other transition of nearly 50 different businesses from one ownership body to another, Julia has helped her clients complete due diligence, negotiate innumerable contracts, and resolve countless disputes amicably and efficiently so her clients can focus their energy on making their businesses successful.

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